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Eclectic Festival KAMWA PORT

Eclectic Festival KAMWA PORT

In the summer of 2011 the «Kamwa» introduced a pilot project KAMWA PORT in a new format of "eclectic festival". The project became a part of a larger program in developing the industrial area of the modern city. This idea grew out of the PROMZONAt festival which was held in 2010 (Solikamsk, Perm Region).Both festivals promoted the idea of creating a new cultural cluster in the modern city.

KAMWA PORT festival was held on June 17-18, 2011 as a part of the White Nights program in Perm.

It is a cargo port “Perm” that became a venue for the festival - the easternmost port in Europe, situated on the Kama River. This place is symbolic and significant for cultural landscape and the map of Perm. The Port has always been a means of communication - it opened the way to the 5 seas, and linked Perm to Central Russia and Siberia in the 18th century.

Besides the direct meaning of the word "port" the organizers have brought to notice the modern use of the word: PORT is computer system resource, the "portal" which carries out communication with applications. And in fact, in both cases we are talking about information sharing. This principle forms the basis of the concept of KAMWA PORT festival.

The advanced musicians from Russia and Europe were selected as «sources of information». Musical format of the festival is «eclectism». There was a harmonious combination of incongruous musical genres from fusion-funk-reggae to post-industrial electronic, experimental music genres and trip-hop. At one stage there was archaic sound of the Moscow project VOLGA and sunny reggae of the Ukrainian group SunSay; experimental music by Polish group ASA (All Sounds Allowed) and electronic duo from St. Petersburg «Yelochnye igrushki», air space of electronic fields of Perm PLKN PRNL LMNL (Real_Madrid) and dance rhythms by DJ Oleg Kostrov (ex. «Knife for Frau Muller»), DJ Phunkey (Moscow), DJ Mikhey (Perm). Multimedia installation in psychedelic improvisation genre by Yuri Ellika (St. Petersburg) allowed viewers to enter into a state of total audiovisual experience. The cultic British trip-hop artist Tricky was the headliner of the festival.

For 2 days of the festival about four thousand spectators visited the port "Perm". The concerts were broadcast online on

The festival actively cooperated with social media and leading Perm bloggers that allowed remote users to be involved in everything happening on the scene and to get information immediately.

Kamwa PORT project is a new stage of development of the KAMWA festival movement, the attempt to include Perm in modern cultural processes. 

KAMWA PORT. 17/06/2011

KAMWA PORT. 18/06/2011

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