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Parma Chudina, College "Onyx", Perm 

ETHNO MODA is the festival inside another festival, which was held in Perm from 2008 to 2010 as part of the International Ethno-Futuristic Festival KAMWA.

 The main idea of ​​the festival was to show all aspects of the ethnic style of clothing, from authentic and reconstructed costume to futuristic, fantastic works of art created by artists, fashion-designers, and stylists. The main criteria of selecting collections for ETNOMODA  were beauty, harmony and eco-friendliness.

The festival was attended by professional designers, teachers and students of higher and secondary educational institutions of Russia and abroad. Among the regular participants of the Ethnomoda festival were designer Olesya Volochay from Nyagan,  Marina Vilisova from Pedagogical University of Chelyabinsk, professor Natalia Mizonova with the students of Ivanovo State Textile Academy. The guests of honor of the festival were Galina Loseva, the teacher of Saransk art school and recognized master in the world of ethnic fashion, Alfia Valieva - artist from Samarkand Art Studio "Aysel", the famous treasure of unique Uzbek traditions in clothing and fabrics.

Syulgamo, Saransk Art School named F.E. Sychkov 

Fashion designers with their collections of ethnic clothes took part in KAMWA festival from its first days (in 2006). However, fashion shows stood out in a separate branch of the festival only two years later, in 2008. The first festival was held in the Cinema Club "Triumph".

That experience has shown that the idea of ​​combining tradition and modernity in clothes, casual or festive, theatrical or fantasy, is popular among the public of Perm.

LIBERTA, Natalia Rychagova, Eugenia Karpova, Perm

For the ETHNOMODA festival 2009 at the Museum of Modern Art the sand catwalk was constructed. The design of space was based on the mythical image of the ancient Kama Sea. An important component of the festival ETNOMODA-2009 was the project "Eco-clothes," under which Permian designers and manufacturers created and showed lines of pret-a-porter fashion, environmentally friendly and cost-effective fashion for every day wear.

Mexican Geometry, Nechaeva Tatiana, Elmira Guseynhanova, Ekaterinburg

The Festival «ETHNOMODA 2010. The other shore» particularly emphasized the main idea of the festival KAMWA movement : the podium symbolized a live stream, a bridge connecting the different coasts of reality and looked like a bend of a river. The show was accompanied by the original  video installations, the order of showing of collections was built on the understanding of time-lines of " past "," present " and" future  " . The dance performances combined all of that in a single  art-cluster.

For several years ETHNOMODA fashion shows were held also in winter, in the opening days of the Winter KAMWA at the annual exhibition ART-Perm. During that days the idea of KAMWA showroom was born, where everyone could buy their favorite designer clothes in the ethnic style, souvenirs, jewelry and gifts. 

SHIRT FOR SHIVA, Hanykova Angelina, St. Petersburg

Philosophy of ethno – fashion is  the philosophy of relationship of tradition and modernity in clothing, in the expression of oneself. Ethno-fashion reflects the worldview of the modern person, urban or rural inhabitans who want to keep in touch with their roots. Ethno fashion is the space of the modern myth, legend, fairy tale, drawn by the colors of ancient tradition. In-depthhistorical themes and current ideas of creative thought, merging in the information flow, give rise to the great river of time ... 

Ethnic Garments  is the beauty of nature and man, cut by the River of time..

Ethno Fashion 2008:

Winter Kamwa. Ethno Fashion 2010:

The video of the project
Photos of the project