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The Golden Fund of the Perm Region

The Golden Fund of the Perm Region

Anthology of traditional folklore of the Kama-river region.

Audioseries of authentic music folklore was published on the basis of folk song material that was recorded during expeditions to the places of livingof the indigenous peoples of Permregion.The collection includes traditional songs, folk stories, etc. of Komi-Permian, Udmurt, Mari, Tatar, Bashkir and Russian people. 

Folklore texts were recordedin the villages of Perm Region from 2007 to 2010. Songsand stories performed in six languages ​​of the Kama-river region reflect the diversity of traditional folklore genres. But not only themmake the volume unique. The main idea of ​​the project was the introduction of the most important systems of traditional culture in modern social context.

Until recently, the unique fusion of material and spiritual values​​, called "ethno-cultural heritage of the peoples of Kama river region" was known mainly to specialists - ethnographers, folklorists, and ethnomusicologists. Today the concept of «preservation» of traditional culture has become much more than just «onservation», rescue from extinction. Actually it is the preservation of "live", ethnic and cultural heritage and "promotion" of it in contemporary culture.

The uniqueness of this publication is the fact that the volumes of the Anthology is the first systematic project, which reveals musical performance of the peoples of the region.

Before the most publications had a textual nature. Paradoxically, but the Anthology is the first publication of traditional folklore music of the Komi-Permian, Mari, Udmurt, Bashkir and Tatar in the history of the Permian folklore studies! And for the first time many things of the "golden fund" are introduced into the cultural context, and could be lost forever ...

The Anthology includes only the best of the performing arts, recorded during the expeditions. Large-scale field ethnographic and folklore material (music and text entries, photos and video) will be a source for other projects. Edition of the Anthology is the first step of immersion in the traditional culture of Perm region. We hope the Anthology of the traditional folklore of Kama river region will become a "bridge" between the academic scientific approach to the musical heritage of the region and its emotional perception, link the experience of previous generations with experience of contemporaries, and unique patterns of traditional culture will be one of the symbols of Perm region.

Photos from an expedition in the Komi-Perm district (June 2007):

Photos from an expedition to Buiskikh Udmurts (November 2007):

Photos from an expedition to the Permian Maris (September 2008):
Photos from an expedition to the Perm Tatars (2008-2009):

Photos from an expedition to the Permian Bashkirs (September 2009):

The video of the project
Photos of the project